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A Producer And Co-Packer Of Premium Products For The Food & Beverage Industry.

Who We Are

RBL Foods is a co-packing & manufacturing FMCG business partner, specialising in powdered dry products.

Services we offer include blending, crushing, packing and warehousing of product received or finished product produced.

We can assist you with on your projects from concept to launch, with our FSSC 2200, Halaal and Kosher certified facility. 

We believe that co-packing is based on the best quality and exceptional service in order to meet every clients project needs. 

Chocolate Drink with Marshmallows

Our Process


Research and development are key in producing the right product to go to market. Our research and development team focuses on world wide trends and consumer insights in order to give you the client, a competitive edge.


Our R&D and procurement team work hand in hand to source only the best raw materials.


We can customise blends, with no limit to the type of dry ingredients; starting from a minimum batch of 100 kg all the way to multiple tons per day to meet your needs.


Chocolate Chips Cookies


Our facility is built to crush any sweet or savoury confectionary topping (biscuits, chocolate, snacks and cereals).


We can pack in pillow packs, gusseted bags, sachets and tins of different sizes. 


We offer warehousing space for your goods.

Products We Can Assist In Packing With

Powdered beverages (18g to 1kg, 25kg) 

Vending powders (100g to 1kg, 25kg


Instant porridges (100g to 1kg, 25kg

Powdered dessert and baking mixes (100g to 1kg, 25kg) 

Flavour plating (25kg)


Spices and savoury mixes  (18g to 1kg, 25kg

Soup powders (100g to 1kg, 25kg)

And much more...

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