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RBL Foods is a co-packing & manufacturing FMCG business partner, specialising in the packaging of powdered dry products.

Services we offer include blending, crushing, packing and warehousing of product received or finished product produced. 

Additionally, RBL Foods has access to a limited wet plant facility, offering filling, packing and warehousing, based on project requirements. With a structured information flow, we can take your briefed requirements and assist you best with your finished product needs covering manufacturing, health and safety, quality assurance, marketing (project concepts and execution), research and development. 

We believe co-packing relies on solid partnerships with all our clients.


Research and development are key in producing the right product to go to market. Our research and development team focuses on what’s available and what they can improve to give you the client, a competitive edge.

We can customise blends, with no limit to the type of dry ingredient products our clients are looking to achieve. With a large blending capacity at our facility, you are in great hands.

With our crushing facility, we are here to assist with a variety of crushed dessert toppings.

Our R&D and procurement team work hand in hand to source only the best raw materials from a taste profile and functionality perspective.

With our various fill, form and seal machines for pillow packs, gusseted bags, sachets and dosing machines for tins, there’s no limit on the type of product offering we can partner with our clients on.

Once your product is packaged and packed, ready to go, based on discussions we are happy to look at holding par levels of your stock, should you require.


Soup powders (100g to 1kg, 25kg) 

Milk powders (100g to 1kg, 25kg) 

• Skimmed Milk 
• Cappuccino Toppings 
• Vending Milks 


Instant porridges (100g to 1kg, 25kg) 

Powdered beverages (18g to 1kg, 25kg) 

• Frappes 
• Lattes 
• Hot Chocolates 
• Various Coffees 
• Instant Teas 
• Instant cooldrinks 

Powdered dessert and baking mixes (100g to 1kg, 25kg) 

• Custards 
• Cakes 
• Muffins 
• Ready made dry mixes in order to make various desserts 
• Breads 
• Gelato base powders 


Powdered flavours (100g to 1kg, 25kg) 

Spices and Savoury mixes  (18g to 1kg, 25kg) 

But not limited to...

Head Office | 106 Saturn Crescent, Linbro Business Park, Johannesburg, 2090, SOUTH AFRICA